Hi Loic, Sounds like it's going to be a fascinating conference. Especially if you will be discussing consciousness as the subjective experience of awareness. Let me know if you reach a conclusion as to whether consciousness is a uniquely human phenomenon or if it can in fact exist inside in the cloud. :-)

I was also interested to hear you introducing some indigenous people to the Generative ML app. I was wondering how deeply you went into the small print before uploading their biometric data into the database?

I'm always a little cautious about such things as if my passwords are stolen I can change them. If a 3d map of my face is stolen it's a lot harder. I can unlock a lot of apps with my face and would really need to trust the company offering to hold that data.

It might be you know the founders but I wasn't sure.

Keep up the great work.


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That's all very amazing and congratulations to your son as well.


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