The Magic of Life Gave me a New Son, Falco. Story of a home birth.Listen now (15 min) | I took a short break from writing… I have been a dad for 27 years, a dad of three beautiful sons I love and I can never be more grateful to have them. I am now a dad of four sons. Falco K’in Le Meur Sartori was born at 1h58 AM on November 29th 2022.
Invite to Vision Quest in Bacalar, Mexico. Listen now (9 min) | Feb 20-25 2023
Let's dream it togetherNew post & podcast | Remembering dreams, lucid dreaming and interpretation
Hi everyone, I already asked on the Substack app but not everyone has it, I would be very grateful if you tell me the ideal number of emails you would…
Fear no Evil (the necessity of shadow work...)Listen now (8 min) | Human nature is capable of an infinite amount of evil. ... Today as never before it is important that human beings should not…
I wrote this post in 2016 and was journaling already since 2014, I am reposting it here in case my medium blog disappears one day. It would take you…
Work in progress! This is a draft I need to sort them out. Here is a collection of movies and series I am gathering. Original list by Magdalena Sartori…
Here is a work-in progress collection of tech tools I use or we use for our business You’re on my most important one, Substack! Social media Instagram…
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